Jacob Jumper




My goals are this: make responsive, user friendly software and applications. I want to design and deploy software for increased efficiency.


  • Native Android(Java) -Very proficient
  • Native IOS(Swift) - Moderately proficient
  • React Native - Moderately proficient
  • Web Development(HTML5/CSS3) - Very proficient
  • Javascript(Node, MongoDB, jQuery) - Moderately proficient
  • Python 3.x - Very proficient
  • Django - Semi-proficient
  • Azure - Actively learning
  • C#/.Net - Actively Learning


Illus Seed

July 2020 - July 2021

For this freelance role, I used Python and the Ren'py engine to help create To Be With You, a visual novel published by PlayNYC and funded by Rockstar Games for the 2020 Graffiti Games initiative. My primary responsibilities were to use Ren'py to create much of the GUI for the game, as well as the 'flashback sequences', which required extra dialogue code. It can be played here.


January 2019 - October 2019

With Kalleo, I helped take an existing 1.0 version of the software and elevate it, adding additional features. Using React Native, we integrated contacts filtering through Mongodb, voicemail, and easier onboarding. My main responsibilities were the creation of these new features, their front end assets, and connecting them on the backend, created using Meteor.js, and pushed to stores via Heroku. Along with React Native, I integrated these features into Android Studio, using Java, and XCODE for iOS, using Swift.

Personal Work


November 2013 - Present

Utilized Python with the Ren’py Engine to create a stunning visual novel experience, including managing the user interface, saving and loading systems, and accessability options.

Additionally, I designed and maintain the website, made with HTML, CSS, and Blogger tools.


PCEP - Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

OpenEDG Python Institute

Issued Oct 2020