For Familiarity, I design all of the engine and scripting code, as well as help edit scenes and scenarios, design and impliment the user interace, and design the website.

"Familiarity is the story of Gavin Clarke, a young dockworker living a simple but empty life on an Earth all but forgotten after more than a century of interstellar expansion by the great empires of man. A child of this new age, Gavin has never known the rich and vibrant planet that Earth used to be, nor has he ever been able to expect anything beyond the acrid city smog and the hard labor of the spaceport. But all of that could be about to change.
The HMCS Familiarity--the greatest city-ship in the Royal Navy--has appeared in orbit above. Charged with carrying travelers to the farthest colonies and scientific expeditions to planets still unexplored, the Familiarity seems to offer something so rare that many on Earth have dismissed it as unattainable: a future. Can Gavin find a place aboard and start a new life among the stars, even if it means leaving behind the only world he's ever known?
Set in an alternate Victorian Era with a retro-futuristic twist, Familiarity is an adventure/romance visual novel featuring three different storylines. It will be released at no charge on a date to be determined and announced sometime in the future. "

  • Project Date: Nov 2013 to Now
  • Company: Airheart Interactive